SMS marketing is a powerful way to grow your business and increase sales. In this video, I'm going to show you how it can increase your sales by as much as $6000 a month.

It doesn’t get easier than this!

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Top 5 Reasons to Use SMS and Text Marketing

1. You don't need to spend a lot of money on marketing

SMS and text marketing is the perfect way to increase brand awareness or promote a new product. Because it's very inexpensive to send an SMS message, you can get your marketing campaign off the ground without having to spend a lot of money.

2. High response rates

According to a study conducted by Simpletexting, “62% of consumers say they have subscribed to receive texts from at least one business in the last year.” This high subscription rate makes SMS and text marketing a cost-effective way to give your business the boost it needs.

3. Grow Your Brand Awareness

With text messaging, you have the ability to quickly reach individuals who would never take the time to read an article or blog that you are promoting. This is the most cost-effective way to promote a business in today's market as long as you are trying to target your specific audience.

4. Keep Your Customers Informed

Your customers want to know what is going on with your business. That's exactly why SMS marketing is so effective. By providing your customers with up to date information on your location you are able to keep them engaged every time you move.

5. Save Time and Money

Using text marketing applications for your business not only saves time, but it also saves money that would normally be spent on traditional forms of advertising (which are rarely effective). SMS text message marketing applications will benefit your business in ways that you never thought possible!

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Frequently asked questions

SMS is a messaging service that allows you to stay in touch with current and prospective customers. You can send them notifications, reminders, and customer surveys in real-time.

  • 43% of business owners who use SMS marketing report click-thru rates between 20 and 35%

You should invest in SMS marketing because of its high levels of customer engagement and response. It is one of the most reliable methods for following up with prospects, customers, e-newsletter subscribers and other contacts.

  • 62% of consumers say they have subscribed to receive texts from at least one business in the last year

Food Truck owners are always looking for ways to get more customers, but it can be hard to find enough time to do everything.

Using SMS Text Messages is a great way to keep your food truck customers connected with you and your business. It’s convenient, easy and simple!

My Expert Marketing has put together an amazing solution that will help you get started using SMS text messages right away! 

All Food Trucks are look for customers and Social Media isn’t as reliable as it used to be to help find them. That’s why we have created a unique marketing campaign to help more food truck owners stay in touch customers through text messages to their cell phones. With thousands of hungry locals looking for great food trucks in their city, this really is the golden opportunity for you.

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